Catch Up!

Firstly, sorry that I haven’t posted in so long!!! I’ve been so caught up in university and things going on in my life in general. But i’m back at it again and hoping to continue with this blog! I will be forward and say that atm there is a lot still going on in my personal life but I will try and get posts up as much as possible..

Anywayssssss, firstly I recently got back from a 5 week trip to Hong Kong visiting family and travelling. I’d write a huge post about this but I posted one to my LinkedIn the other day so i’ll just say that it was absolutely incredible and i got to experience the true HK lifestyle. But, here’s the link if you want a read:

My Hong Kong Adventure

Secondly, I’ve just accepted a job at Topshop’s Oxford Street Flagship Store (WHICH IS MY ABSOLUTE DREAM!!!) so i’m incredibly excited about starting my role next week. Slightly more excited for one of my best friends who actually started her placement year for the British Fashion Council today though!

Lastly, i’m heading into my third year of university in a couple of months and i’m not sure whether i’m excited or absolutely terrified. So, if any of you have completed your last year please let me know all about it and some tips! I’m currently debating doing a Masters degree afterwards so that’s something else i’m scarily looking into.

So basically that’s a quick overview and I hope you keep an eye out for my posts over the coming months. Cheers to what lies ahead! (Oh also I just remembered that I move to a new flat in London on Saturday which is highly exciting as well!)

The Fash Pack hit Coachella 2014

Whenever Coachella’s approaching there’s only one thing on ever fashion obsessed girls mind… what outfits will be worn! once again this year the celebrities have stepped up their looks and i’m sure a lot of them will be mirrored this festival season. The styles included loose fitted pieces mixed with body jewels and feathers. At the top of the style steals this Coachella are Vanessa Hudgens (queen of Coachella fashion!!) as well as Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner took to Coachella with her older sister Kendall and certainly outshined her on the fashion front. Kylie rocked a feather embellished top paired with denim hot pants as well as assembles which included a metal studded fanny pack (or bum bag as some people like to refer to them). Honestly girls, fanny packs are the way forward – whether that’s for festivals, parties or even day wear. They are perfect. Two of Kylie’s outfits are shown below and the second picture also showcases one of Kylie’s runway model sister’s outfits. A simple black body piece paired with a floor length black kimono and body embellishments. Simple but effective festival wear.



Moving onto the Queen of Coachella fashion.. last year Vanessa Hudgens had everyone talking about her festival fashion and this year is no different. Stepping out in bold prints and body jewels she was always going to be talked about. She also showcased her newly died blonde hair which fitted her outfits perfectly. I’ve actually been away on netball tour this past week and as soon as I got back and saw Hudgens’ instagram photos I knew exactly what I was blogging about! If you want Coachella staples then Vanessa Hudgens will always be the go-to girl.

The first outfit showcased by Hudgens was an absolutely beautiful fabulous playsuit from Spell & The Gypsy Collective. She paired the Desert Wanderer Playsuit with a black fringed backpack from Cleobella – the piece which became the key to all her outfits. Then to finish the perfect festival style Vanessa paired the outfit which a selection of jewellery pieces and a large beige floppy hat.


The second outfit which showcased her amazing figure was a black fringed midi skirt paired with a Mara Hoffman Bikini Top. The outfit was completed by Vanessa chalking the bottoms of her freshly blonde hair pink to match the colouring within the bikini top. The outfit was once again paired with the Cleobella backpack and black sunglasses. Absolutely effortless.

ImageBut my favourite outfit by far was this brightly coloured loose fitted dress. The colours were perfect for the current season and the fitting looked beautiful on Hudgens. I also love how once again she left the outfit simple by just pairing it with a pair of black sunglasses and face jewels. This is how festival style should be done.

ImageSo when planning this years festival outfits I know which celebrities outfits i’ll be looking at for inspiration.

London Life

I remember being younger and dreaming of moving to London; this finally became reality back in September when I packed my life into cardboard boxes for my big move. I was starting the crazy life which is university meaning I was moving into the joyous place known as halls.. maybe not the luxurious life I anticipated with my London move. To be honest, I actually live quite close to London in a village in Kent meaning that it might not seem that much of a move. But it was to me. I was always attracted to the hustle and bustle which comes with living in London and I’m sure this is due to my outgoing personality.

So there I was on the 14th September moving into Greenwich and my adventure began. I have to be honest and say that I have a huge bucket list of things which I want to do whilst living here – points are gradually slowly getting ticked off. Because I spent a lot of time in London growing up it meant that I didn’t really have a lot of tourist things on my list. Therefore it was more the nightlife and a variety of select events and places which I wanted to attend.

Being a typical student my first time out in Central was to go out clubbing. We ended up at Piccadilly Institute and I have to be honest it didn’t give me the best first impression. The club itself is good it just ended up not being my sort of music! Therefore I’ve spent my time in London experiencing a variety of different clubs from Fabric to DSTRKT. And i’ve finally found my favourites within Fabric and Heaven.. who wouldn’t love clubs which close at 6-8am!!


I’ve also had many nights out in different cocktail bars. My favourite is actually The Covent Garden Cocktail Club. But being a student their prices weren’t really suited to my budget. I also love Häagen Dazs in Leicester Square but that similarly has a steep price list! Ohhhh, but i’ve discovered that Browns in Covent Garden does a brilliant cocktail deal on Sundays, hint hint to all you London people. But overall, one of my favourite places is TGI Fridays. They do AMAZING cocktails at AMAZING prices! Below is a picture of a couple of my favourite cocktails in there.


A Frozen Strawberry Margarita on the left, and Summer Peach along with a lovely photo of myself on the right.

Being a classic girl, one of my favourite things about living in London is the shopping!! Oxford Street and Westfields have become like my second home over the past 8 months. They’ve also been the places where i’ve spent the most money meaning I then couldn’t eat for the rest of the month. But quoting Carrie Bradshaw: “When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I found it fed me more.” This fits perfectly. Just London is my city. But that doesn’t matter because Fashion is universal. 

Obviously I’ve still got a vast amount of things which I want to do, especially in the next couple of months. But I will be keeping you all up to date with my progress. So keep an eye out as you never know what might pop up on here.

I’m backkkk and so is the sun (..occasionally)!

So first off, i’m sorry i’ve been absent for a couple of months! I started this blog and was just getting into my strive when university decided to pile a load of assignments and deadlines on top of me; meaning my blogging had to take a step back. But i’m glad to say that all my assignments have now been successfully handed in and first year is over.. besides one little exam that is. So my main focus now is to get this blog fully up and running ( well as revising obviously). I’ve got a few OOTD’s coming in the next few weeks, so be ready for that, as well as my normal reviews of the current fashion trends.

To start back off, we have officially stepped into spring and therefore one of my favourite seasons! I love spring because the weather is perfect for cute little skirts and shorts teamed with lightweight jackets. It’s also not too warm to rock out some jeans and pants looks too. Prints and pastels are the way forward this season. This is showcased with the pastel trends which I have talked about in numerous past posts (i’m a pastel lover!) and the printed shirts shown in Saint Laurent’s spring collection.


Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung and Rebecca Taylor

Also, once again co-ordinating pieces are key. This includes short and jacket co-ords which can be worn as a casual day outfit as well as a more dressed up evening outfit. River Island have got a variety of differing co-ordinate pieces in their collection at the moment, so it’s a brilliant place to start. But personally I am in love with this little Chanel inspired two piece by Miss Selfridge. The variety of colours within the coral boucle piece is crucial means it can be worn within a huge selection of different outfits. And the price tag of just £62 for the two pieces makes it even more attractive.


Therefore, when doing some spring shopping look out for pastel pieces, statement prints and two piece co-ordinates. I’ve certainly got my eye out for these trends!!

Queen B Hits Again


Once again Beyoncé has proved exactly why she is Queen B. Earlier this week she hit up her tumblr with pictures of her outfit for a night out with her sister, Solange. And the mum-of-one looked absolutely incredible!

Bey’s outfit consisted of a metallic copper crop top and mini skirt. She paired the space age ensemble with high heels and a white fur coat. She also had delicate diamond chains draped under her outfit and across her toned stomach. Her blonde hair was worn in a thick braid which was wrapped around her crown.

Considering the fact that metallic has been a huge trend during NYFW, Beyoncé showed exactly why she is considered to be at the top of the fashion game – she’s always one step ahead.

February Wish List


We might be half way through February now and therefore this is a very late post, but my view is it’s better late than never! This post is basically all the key things which I am lusting over this month. Believe me there’s always loads…

The first thing which I’m hoping to purchase in the coming weeks is a pair of Topshop’s black fur slips ons. I originally saw a pair of similar slip ons in Kurt Geiger but at a steep price of £95 I sadly had to leave them in the store. Therefore you will not understand my excitement when I saw these Topshop beauties online for just £20!! I also added 3 other Topshop items each one a key trend in their own way; a light pink coat in trend in trend with the perfect pastels, a tartan skort as well as a gingham top.

There’s also 2 pairs of Zara jeans which I’m hoping to purchase, this includes a classic black pair – an essential in every girl’s wardrobe – considering I’m currently in the process of cutting slits in the knees of my current Topshop pair. Significantly, I’m not usually a blue jeans girl but when I saw this ripped baggy Zara pair they were instantly added to my shopping cart.

The NARS Narsissist palette. Where to begin? My stress levels surrounding this palette are ridiculous. In January I saw a picture of this palette and spent hours after trying to find out who it was by. When I finally found it the release date was set for February 1st. Then I found out a few days later that the palette had been released early, with no advertising, and by the time I got online it has sold out, waaahhh. Therefore, I’ve got my fingers crossed that I might find one somewhere in the near future!!

3 NYFW AW14 Trends I Loved

With today being Valentine’s Day and myself being very single I have spent my day catching up on NYFW and watching the beginning of LFW!! Considering I am now very fashioned-out, well at least for today, I have come up with my top 3 trends of the New York runway.

The first trend, which was shown on runways including Tommy Hilfiger’s and Thakoon’s, is plaid – and i’m mad for it! Whether we’re talking about a classic plaid scarf or a dress I’m likely to want it in my wardrobe. Tommy Hilfiger was at the top of this trend in their show with a collection of varying pieces including coats with matching skirts and shirt dresses.


The second trend is glitter, well it’s probably more accurate to say metallic. But still, a trend which every girl loves! I first saw this trend being showcased at a Burberry event which I worked at in December where many bright metallic trench coats were worn by their staff; something which is highly different to their classic beige trench coat. Saying this I feel in love with the trend straight away because of its dramatic nature. So I was elated when I saw that the likes of Marc by Marc Jacobs, who created an army of models in metallic dresses to march down his runway, had taken on this trend. This trend was also seen in Phillip Lim’s collection with futuristic styled and embellished oversized coats.


But it was the ‘how low can you go?’ trend which dominated the runways. And no, i’m not referring to the limbo tune. Instead the trend refers to the dramatic necklines on many designer’s key pieces. The trend was showcased by the likes of Tory Burch and Donna Karan with necklines which were certain to make any man look twice. But leading the way with ‘how low can you go?’ has to be Diane Von Furstenberg who created the perfect balance between elegance and sensuality. And at the top of my wish list from Furstenberg’s collection has to be the sheer gold stared maxi dress with a down-to-there neckline.